Senior Care Emergencies – Be Prepared

Is your family prepared for a senior care emergency? If you are caring for a loved one in your family, it is important that anyone who spends time with the senior in your family is aware of the emergency process, and will be prepared to react. Discuss the following checklist with your family, and make sure everyone feels confident in it:

  • Know the medications that your senior loved one is taking.
  • Have access, or know how to get quick access, to their home.
  • Have all relevant numbers by the phone – both for you, and for them, if they are able to call for help.
  • Know where your senior loved one’s financial information is stored.
  • Have a record of any relevant medical information that could be important.

It is a very simple checklist, but could be crucial one day. Make sure everyone in your family – including the senior loved one you care for – knows the steps in case of any emergency.